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Website and “Northern Borders” World Premiere
Posted by Linny on May 12, 2013

As you can see we have a brand new layout. Everything should be up and running now. I have changed the news system and I added the last of the old updates early this morning.

I have a few updates coming within the next week. I would have added some of the earlier but as I said the the previous post I have been busy with my personal life. I also found out that I had to switch servers so I spent the better part of last week transfering my websites. I’m not finished yet but Seamus’ site is fully up and running on the new server.

During the period April 10th to April 14th Seamus attended the Northern Borders premiere tour. I have added two pictures from the opening night to the gallery.

Site Update
Posted by Linny on May 10, 2013

Sorry, it has been kind of slow here the past month. I have new stuff to add but I’ve been busy with offline life.

As you might had noticed I had a new layout up that has now been removed. I didn’t fully like the Warhol inspired layout I had so I spent yesterday and this morning making this! I’m much more pleased with how this tured out.

I’m currently tweaking this layout and I am going to change the news system so it might be a bit messy during the weekend. I’m hoping to get it up as soon as possible. And when the behind the scenes work is done I will update with some new goodies. So stay with me!

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Website is now up-to-date
Posted by Linny on August 25, 2012

After having troubles with the site since August 3rd I’ve now caught up with it. First our host switched servers and then I got a virus in my wordpress files. I cleaned it out but after a few days it sneaked back in. I have now remodeled the whole site and removed wordpress.

I uploaded this new layout yesterday after working on it for three days. I finally finished most of the finishing tweaks. I’m still going to do a few more on some pages with it’s nothing major. I hope you all enjoy this new layout. I am very proud of it myself smile.gif

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Site Update
Posted by Linny on May 13, 2012

I’ve worked behind the scenes this weekend. I’ve changed the pages to wordpress. The content hasn’t changed though. The news page has been update so you can now click the news links so you can get permalinks. The major update for this weekend is the video pages. You can now watch clips directly on the site. Some TV Show clips can not yet be seen but they will come up when I find a place that will let me upload them.

Also as you may have noticed I put up a new layout last weekend. Even though I loved the past one I felt it was time for a change. I think this new lighter look is a nice change. I also wanted it to be a bit more grown up. I hope you all like it smile.gif

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Site Update and Seamus cooking
Posted by Linny on July 8, 2011

Look at this gorgeous new layout! It was made by my lovely, amazingly talanted friend Brooke. This fabulous news stylesheet is by her as well. I love it SO much! <3 Not much going on currently regarding Seamus. I still have his last episodes of Damages and Lights Out to upload though. I’ll try and do it as soon as possible, work permitting. I didn’t want to leave you empty handed though, so here’s a(n older) video of Seamus and friends making ‘Chocolate Pudding’. It’s a yummy dessert and I thought it fitted in. Throw some lovely berries on (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) and it smells of summer!